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Medicare International is a leading supplier of respiratory care medical equipments , Oxygen therapy, Sleep therapy, laproscopic Accessories as well as intensive care equipments in Delhi. Medicare specializes in items such as Bipap Machine, Auto Cpap, Oxygen Concentrator, Oxygen Cylinder etc. We provide home delivery in Delhi and NCR and also delivery by courier all over India. At Medicare International, we bring you International quality Imported as well as Indian equiment.

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About OSA, BIPAP, Auto CPAP and Medicare International

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) in adults occurs when a person's airway becomes partially or completely blocked many times during sleep. The result of this constant awakening means that people with apnea do not get sufficient or good quality sleep, resulting in sleepiness and fatigue resulting impacts on mental and physical health. OSA raises the heart rate and increases blood pressure.

As described in Nonsurgical Treatment, positive airway pressure (PAP) treatment involves placing a mask over the nose or nose and mouth and blowing compressed air into the lungs. The most common treatment is use of CPAP and BIPAP: Commonly available brands such as Philips, DeVilbliss and Resmed AUTO CPAP, Philips and Resmed BIPAP Machines provide assistance during inspiratory phase and prevents airway closure during expiratory phase.

Main reason for use of BiPAP is CO2 retention, respiratory acidosis, Bipap decreases respiratory muscle effort due to assist in inspiration. Increases tidal volume (breath size) as a result of a reduction in inspiratory effort. reduces respiratory rate as breaths are more efficient.